Top 10 Series: Part 10 | Choose Faith Over Fear


Depending on your sport, there are some downright scary things you’ll be expected to do. Get crushed by a lineman in practice? Batter up to a 96mph fastball? Have a hockey puck hurled at you? Tumble on a 4″ beam? (Or do anything in gymnastics!)

None of those things come naturally. You didn’t wake up one day and realize you could perform these amazing skills without any fear.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, fear and self-doubt are authentic factors in sports. But if you’re going to be successful, you have to master it. To overcome it. To choose to believe that you can do it even when you don’t feel like it’s possible.

So what do you do? You trust your training. You trust the process — the hours of practice that you put into learning your skill. You get out of your own way and let your training take over. Because we all know that fear and doubt will hold you back more than failure ever will. It’s debilitating. It’s crippling. And it’s a horrible place to stay, but you have the ability to change it.

As the basis for my life and decisions, faith plays the most crucial role in the ability to shift my mindset and perspective. It grounds me and gives me hope and peace over worry and fear.

I know right now it might seem like your identity is shattered. You are living in an undefined time, but I want you to understand that YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR SPORT. Read that again. You are not defined by your sport. Or your job. You are not defined by what you do or the sport you play. Yes, it is a significant part of your story, but your identity shouldn’t be wrapped up in that.

God’s plans and dreams for us are always bigger than ours. He has given you unique abilities and talents that are specifically for you. Not everyone has the ability to play sports, just like you might not have any skill in a chemistry lab. Everyone is wired differently and for a purpose.

He hasn’t just given you athletic abilities — He’s given you another gift — something that excites you and lights your heart on fire outside of the arena, court, or field.

It might be helping people with fitness, building websites and coding SEO, writing novels, creating pharmaceutical answers that heal people, or growing a thriving floral nursery.

There’s something in you that piques your curiosity and makes you feel alive. That is God-given. It’s wired into your DNA so you can grow into your ability and use it for good. For His good.

You’ve seen the quote, “If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.” I feel like it’s the perfect nudge for choosing faith over fear– listening to your gut and just going for it!

And once you figure out your purpose and what you’re put on this earth for and begin doing it, you’ll finally find lifelong fulfillment. It’s faith over fear.

A Final Thought… 

Although, it’s not ideal and I know there are plenty of struggles ahead, it’s a time to rest, reflect, look for joy, find gratitude, appreciate the little things, workout, read, cook, bake, create, meditate, pray, dream, and work on your goals. Because this will pass. And when that time comes, I’m hoping to say I learned something new, grew, and made more progress towards my long term vision and ultimately came out stronger. You may have noticed this throughout the letter, but all of these skills and traits are wholly intertwined. But you knew that already. Your mindset determines your outlook; your confidence is based on your perspective. You have an amazing foundation of strong skills to carry you through this trial and into the next phase of your life. Use them! Don’t sit back and let life happen to you. You haven’t done that a day in your athletic life, so don’t start now. You are strong. And capable. And immensely equipped for whatever you set your mind to!

Wishing health and safety to you and your family! In the meantime, let me know how you’re dealing with this and how I can help! Are there certain topics you want me to cover? Specific questions you have? Comment below and I’ll do a round-up for the next blog! I’ve got more coming for you!

Stay strong and take care!

– Lori

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