A much-needed book for today’s collegiate student-athlete! It should be required reading for any NCAA life skills or freshman orientation program. Lori shares her personal and relatable experiences as an NCAA Division 1 student-athlete and expertly equips the reader with advice on how to navigate the post-graduation transition into a new life and a new career. She identifies important life lessons learned as a college athlete and gives practical advice that can be implemented immediately during and after a student-athlete’s career.

Live Like A Champion is a game changer. As a former athlete, I wish I would have had access to this book and Lori’s insight, wisdom, and the experience when I was making my transition from athlete to real life. So much of what I learned as an athlete has helped me with my success, and this book does a tremendous job of highlighting what and how you can take those skills and reapply then to your career and life to ensure success beyond sports. 500 stars and highly recommend this book for every college athlete who is going pro in something other than sports.

Collegiate athletics can be all consuming and when it’s over, the transition can be very difficult. Lori highlights lessons learned along the way that will help student-athletes successfully navigate their preparation for graduation or post-graduation career in a thoughtful and applicable way. It is a must read for any collegiate athlete looking for ways to overcome many of life’s challenges by applying what they have learned throughout their collegiate athletics journey!