It’s finally here!

You guys! Guess what came in the mail today?! MY BOOK!!! Aahhh! Live Like a Champion has gone from an idea all the way through the writing and editing processes and into the printing phase– it’s so close to actually being legit! This is the first printed proof that I’ve gotten to see and it’s actually in my hands! More than anything, it’s surreal. It was a long time coming and I can’t believe we’re in the final stages of the process! Not gonna lie, it was even surreal when I read through the final digital proof and didn’t make any edits! After so much writing and editing, reworking and adding, it was incredibly strange to not make any notes or comments or edits. And then off to the printer it went and now I’m holding it! It’s pretty amazing to see years of writing and editing packaged so beautifully.

It’s been quite a journey and I learned so much through the process. As you’ll read in the book, some dreams take longer than others and shouldn’t have a time limit placed on them. Although this was originally supposed to be out a couple years ago, I also knew everything would work out like it was meant to– it was all in God’s timing, not mine. And so here we are, with proof in hand, and the first run of books at the printer. And I’m SO excited! It’s almost time to begin the pre-launch sales! Stay tuned!

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