I am SO excited for this adventure! I can’t believe I’m finally saying this, but we have LAUNCHED my children’s book! This is a passion project that began when Jackson was almost two months old and I’m so excited and proud of all of the work that’s gone into it! But really, I can’t wait to share it with you– all new parents, mama-and-dadas-to-be, family and friends!


Sweet Little Love is a children’s story book about moms and dads bringing their newborn baby home for the first time. Amid their excitement, they are learning all about their new little one as they enter uncharted territory in their now ever-changing world. It’s a love story of their thoughts, wishes and dreams for their child as they grow up, but also the realization that these precious moments go too fast and a reminder to take every moment in and cherish the journey.

The thoughts came during those sleep-deprived hours of a 3am feeding. I was exhausted and worn out, but I couldn’t push aside the words running through my mind as I looked down at our tiny miracle. It wasn’t a book, but a love poem to our son, welcoming him to our world. I began thinking of all the things I was excited for him to do in the future– to grow up and reach milestones, to imagine who he’d become, the lessons he’d learn and the adventures we’d have together!

But I pulled myself back into the moment realizing he would get there all too fast and I needed to take in THIS moment. These little every day happenings that range the spectrum of emotions (fourth trimester anyone?!) I crawled back into bed and jotted my thoughts down into four verses. When I woke up, I began typing my notes and the rest of the poem flowed out. I couldn’t help but see different images as I wrote and the idea for a book formed!

I reached out to an illustrator and together we created the imagery I saw in my mind when I wrote it. I wanted to create feelings of love, joy and togetherness, through all of the highs and lows, and I love how the illustrations show that!

I imagine mothers and fathers all over the world share these feelings when their child is born– the struggle between wanting them to reach new milestones, yet stay little forever. It’s a story that resonates throughout parenthood and hopefully helps to put their feelings in perspective. It’s a story to share with new parents, sisters, aunts, nieces, brothers, uncles, nephews and all mamas-and-dadas-to-be!

It’s the perfect gift for baby showers and new parents and an adorable addition to any nursery book collection. I can’t wait to hear what dreams and wishes you have for your little love and see what memories you’ll make by soaking in all of the everyday moments!

Want a copy of your own?! We can make that happen! DETAILS

  • Hardback Book: 8.5″ x 8.5″
  • $25 each, not including shipping (to be calculated once address is provided)
  • Estimated arrival: IT’S HERE!
  • Click below to order yours!




Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting and hopefully becoming part of our journey to bring “Sweet Little Love” to life!

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